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Triggers hit out of no where. One moment you are feeling on top of the World and then BAM something hits you and you’re back folded into a fetal position unsure what is real or not. Well that is me currently. In a not so tucked fetal position just exhausted and ready to see some […]

Prebiotics & Probiotics: What’s the Difference?

A lot of the foods we eat have complex fibers that our body can not digest on it’s own. (prebiotics) Probiotics are tiny living microbes, bacteria, and yeast that live in our gut and are there to help support our body by aiding the digestive process. They eat prebiotics and help turn the food into […]

Healing Journeys

Healing isn’t about eliminating your Ego and just solely embracing your shadow it’s embracing every aspect of you. Identifying your triggers and their origins accepting them, embracing them, releasing, or finding peace with them. Healing is unconditionally loving yourself and giving yourself grace. It’s controlling your emotional responses to things that bother you or people […]