Kids: noun: Definition: Creatures designed to test your Gangsta

“Don’t let their charming and sweet handsome faces fool you. They are minions reincarnated sent to give me back the hell I gave my parents.”

My World! 💕✨ left to right Jaden 5, Malachi 13, Josiah 3 and Micah 11

First of all I want to say I love being a Mom. There’s no greater feeling than watching my baby boys grow up and seeing all their characters emerge and their curiosities blossom. That is until Joey is drawing on my walls. Yes I’m team Boy Mom! Begin your prayers NEOW!

I swore that I had dodged the bullet having four boys. Growing up I was the oldest of 8, (5 Sisters and 3 Brothers) and I spent my adolescence threatening my Sisters to stay out of my clothes, shoes, makeup…. MY DAMN ROOM!!!!

So, when I found out I was with child the very first time 14 years ago I made a deal with The Most High:

“PLEASE, I’ll be the BEST MOTHER EVER IN THE WORLD BUT NO STINKING GIRLS!!!!! The Creator most definitely delivered…..

It was all A Dream……

Whoever said that boys were easier than girls WAS A DAMN LIE!!!! They haven’t met my soon to be 14 year old class clown Malachi on down to the littlest Mohican, 3 year old Josiah aka Joey Da Great, the tiny terror.

No, boys are not easier by far! They give me a run for my money on top of spending it every single day and at times, I think they are proud of it!

My oldest, Malachi, is my Handsome class clown. At 14 he is my height, even though I’ll never admit it to him, he’s taller than me by half an inch! 😩😭

The Heart Throb Malachi

He knows he’s handsome, so much so that he uses ALL of the hair products, facial cleansers and witch hazel I can buy. Oh, let’s not forget my combs. He’s the boy version of me, everyone knows I was a vain child.

He’s always been an amazing Big Brother. Extremely charming and witty like mwauh! Then at 11 puberty hit and I was not prepared! Not at all. It’s been quite an experience relearning my child and readjusting our relationship. I told him he’s my first teen so I am new to this and we both are growing together through this.

Micah, 11, is possibly my sweetest child though he has his moments too, they all do. He’s super clumsy which is crazy because he’s my athlete and you’d think he’d conquer agility, graceful movements and stealth but no. Not at all.

Though he’s a beast on the field he’s a ball of nerves. If he breaks another glass or plate I’m buying paper plates the rest of their adolescence. Or until they go off to College.

Micah my Love

Jaden King, 5, is proof that there is power in a name. His middle name is King and that’s exactly how he acts! He tells us daily that he is the boss and he’s the King and he can do anything he puts his mind to.

I love the fiery intensity and determination he possesses but Kings brush their teeth and take baths without force right? At least Prince Akeem enjoyed his bath in ‘Coming to America.’

Jaden King as John Henry for Ancestors Day

The last little Mohican would have been the only if I had him first lol. Oh our tiny terror Josiah aka Joey da Great, 3, will literally tear Jesus off the cross. Before we go any where we haven’t been ,like over a friends house, I always ensure their home is JOEY PROOF.

He comes to destroy and conquer. But that’s mommies baby terror and I just wove, yes WOVE HIMS WITTLE VOICE. He’s such a sweet heart lol.

Joey Da Great

Being a Mom is so surreal to me. I look at them daily in amazement like, I really pushed you guys out of me. Though it’s not easy and has it’s, ‘I’m at my wits end moments’, I wouldn’t trade my four in for the world.

I love seeing the world through their eyes. Watching them grow and develop into their own unique individual selves is amazing.

I fall short on the words to describe the love I have for them. Definitely unconditional.

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  1. Kendra says:

    Love this!!

    1. Kilo Sade says:

      Thanks my love!

  2. Love the visuals while reading. Your children are amazing. 💫

    1. Kilo Sade says:

      Thanks so much love!!!! They are everything to me 💖

  3. Avrin C says:

    Your an amazing writer, Great testimony, keep going, God bless!

    1. Kilo Sade says:

      Thank you so much!!!! Thanks for reading and commenting! It means the world to me! God Bless you as well!

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