Our Loved Ones Behind Bars need our Help!

As of today 385 Federal Inmates and 185 staff members have tested positive for COVID19.

Do you see those numbers?!

That’s alarming! For individuals who’s only contact with the outside world is through their guards and the number is more than doubled in comparison.

You can compare the environment of these Jails and Prisons to live Petri dishes! A playground for viruses and infections.

They do not have the proper means and utensils to effectively fight off and prevent the spread of this virus at all.

Isolation is impossible. This isn’t oz. They don’t have separate cells in most facilities they all sleep out in the open, head to head, with one another in bunks.

As we all seen in that video the other day they don’t even have hand soap to cleanse their hands properly.

We have to be their voice because those who are brave enough are being utilized as examples and placed into solitary confinement. A lot of the times without proof that they are the culprit.

We have to be their voice!

Please sign the petition! It’ll only take a moment of your time!!!! Not even a minute! Thank you!


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  1. It is signed! You are 100% right. Those who have paid their due diligence needs to be released to decrease the population in jail so that they can provide them with the proper care.

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