Let’s change the narrative. Starting with the only person we have control over, OURSELVES!

Protest about black unarmed men and women being murdered at the hands of those who are supposed to serve and protect us. NEEDED

“Protest black on black crime as much as y’all protest…..” Nah, Look within!

Realize that black men and women being raised within the belly of the beast created by social, economical, physical, racial, lack of educational, political structures brought against us by systematic oppression will TRIGGER and create AN ATMOSPHERE of chaos.

How do you fix that!? Marching won’t do it. I’m sorry it won’t.

It’s starts with all of us as individuals.

Create your space of love and peace within yourself.

Be that reflection that you want to see in your home, block, neighborhood, community.

Realize that peace begins with self. You can’t change anything if you don’t first change and re-group and learn how to redirect yourself and your reactions.

Control yourself.

If someone disrespected you today could you ignore it!? Let it go? Or will you lose it?!

Do you know that one reaction on the right day with the right person could go one of many ways!? From nothing to Murder in the matter of seconds.

Can you forgive the person who murdered someone you love? I struggle with that daily. Some days I can. Some days I can’t. Some days I’m blaming the system that this boy couldn’t afford his medication to fix his mood disorders and I think maybe if he could have afforded his medication and maybe if he wasn’t self medicating himself with cocaine and wet my Mama would still be here. And some days I want to blow his head off.

Some pains are hard to forgive.

We don’t know what transgressions folks have done or how much hurt and anger people have within them. And we probably never will because most of us don’t care. Or if we do we say nothing. And yet and still…..

The only person we are in control of is SELF.

So you want to change the narrative in our community? It’s starts with you. It’s starts with the way we bring up this next generation.

We have to love our boys and show them love. Not just the ones we birth. But the ones that they call friends. Teach them that they are brothers and that they need to love and support one another.

Love them. Keep them as friends. They get into it don’t jump on defense jump in as a referee and coach them on how to properly handle the situation. Be their mediators not agitators.

Do you know how many black men that are my age that I know were friends and family when we were kids that are enemies now?! Damn near ALL of them.

So many young black men murdered by their friends in our city. Turned on by their friends.

So many.

And we know this.

How do you march and get rid of this hate?! When you know it. Hell WE possess this same impulse if the right person test you on the wrong day. Or they do the right thing to trigger this reaction out of you.

Just like these racist people. If they weren’t TAUGHT to hate us then they wouldn’t hate us. But it’s embedded in them and until THEY want to ADMIT they have a disease they will never change.

It starts with self! And how you treat other people. How you act and react. How YOU are within. No matter how much you try to hide ugliness one way someday it’ll show. So don’t hide it embrace and change it. The longer you hide it the more it’ll fester and grow until it snaps.

Change your thoughts, change your heart. Higher vibrations. Vibe higher. It’s not easy but it can be done.

Don’t be afraid to speak up to those that you live that you know is on a path of destruction. We got so much to say in times when it’s too late. Speak when they are living. Speak when they are free!

I ain’t just talking. I’m on it about mine. If I love a guy and he’s my family and I see him on a dark road of no return I speak up. I’m not going to wait until I see them behind bars or in a coffin before I speak to them about the lifestyle they are living.

I’m going to overstep when I see death knocking over any of mine.

I have tried and succeeded sometimes and sometimes I fail. But I tried.

And it hurts like hell.

We don’t realize how much war goes on in our black men’s heads and hearts and reality and how much they walk and wander this earth searching for peace not realizing that it starts within. Peace is already in you you have to accept it. Seek and accept and allow peace to protect you.

Healing begins with you.

Keep them and teach them and show them unconditional love.

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