New Moon Reflections

You have to realize that life is what you make of it.

Like no matter what you do or say someone, some where is going to either agree with you or disagree with you.

And that’s just fine. Say it with me, THAT IS FINE!

This is your life and the sooner you realize that the better off you will be. You will never in your lifetime be able to please EVERYONE. Coming to this realization early on in your adult life or, if you’re truly blessed like Daria, adolescent life you will learn that true contentment comes from within.

We go a lifetime putting ourselves last. Society teaches you that selflessness is the right way and that we should always make sure that we are giving of ourselves. And that’s true however the most important person that you need to give or dive deep into is YOURSELF.

Think of how many situations you wouldn’t have put yourself in had you truly known who and what you are. How many friendships and relationships that mentally and physically drained you that you kept fighting for until you had no fight left in you.

I don’t know why we correlate pain with loyalty and love. Struggle in life may come and go but love should not be defined by the amount of pain that you endure and tolerate from someone intentionally inflicting it on you. That’s not love it’s abuse. Mental and emotional abuse.

So, this new moon I challenge you to really take a look at the relationship that you have with yourself. Do you take time to truly appreciate who you are and how important you are to yourself? Do you appreciate the things that uniquely make you, YOU? Do you love yourself unconditionally? Flaws & All? Are you happy with what you see in the mirror internally and externally? Do you enjoy your company in quiet settings alone?

Self love isn’t declaring all the fucks we don’t give. Lol common misconception. Self Care isn’t blocking everyone currently getting on our nerves or the petty “It Ain’t Nothing To Cut A Mutherf*cker Off” post and meme’s that we love.

Nah, I challeng you to find the peace that comes from accepting the things and people that we love but can’t change for what it or they are and not allowing that to make you feel like you have failed because you can’t change it or them.

Accept that everything is what it really isn’t/is and that you have no control or authority over things that are out of your control. You can only control your thoughts and the words formed from it.

And be at peace with this.

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