Religion and Lack of An identifiable Culture has truly twisted our minds and confused so many of us.

I understand however and that’s why it’s vital for all of us to go on our own unique journeys and find our own space and place within whatever ideology that fits who we are.

There is no right or wrong journey, it’s just your journey. Find where you fit and build and grow there.

What we can not, what we can not, WHAT WE CAN NOT AFFORD is folks that are lost or confused trying to educate, guide or lead others. We can not afford that.

It is ok to admit when you are not ready to lead. This doesn’t say you won’t at some point in your journey be ready. You just aren’t right now.

Knowing and admitting this this can prevent you from confusing others and prevent you from having a setback on your own journey. Setback as in questioning yourself and what you have learned once confronted. Take your time and grow!

I’m a Spiritual Advisor. I like to call myself a realist in spirituality. Realizing that on our journeys of self discovery we all need space to heal and grow.

What you will never see me do is use my platform to fit into a one track agenda or scheme. I only speak love and light into us all because during these dark times we all need it.

This place is for healing. This space is for growth. This space is filled with love and respect that supports our healing process and growth.

Anyone using spiritual warfare to push an agenda is ill advised. Anyone mixing and matching things to fit an agenda is I’ll advised. Anyone that can’t answer your questions in a space of love and are quick to dismiss you in hostility is I’ll advised.

Any ego in spirituality is a dead end. We can’t afford EGO in the work that we do. EGO is unnecessary and should be left at the front door when you are assisting people who need you to be empathetic, open and understanding.

The greatest thing I’ve learned is how much I will never know. This keeps me open to so much growth and understanding. I’m always open to learn from EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. I learn from folks that I assist in healing. I see aspects of myself within them so that it’s easier for me to identify with what it is they need to get where they need to get.

My approach is different but it is effective. And it works.

After every reading I perform, all I see is folks THRIVING and living within their truth! And that means everything to me.

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