Quick Note….

I just want to say, Thank You!

I don’t sell or speak on anything I’m not familiar with, won’t use or I’m not well versed in.

Every day I’m reading and investing in my Gifts.

I’m ALWAYS re-educating myself on EVERYTHING I’m versed in.

Grateful for my minds expansion!

Grateful for the Universe for aligning me with so many amazing people along this journey!

I am nothing without Community.

I really don’t like that I’m not able to be there all the time for those that I love. Especially when I’m on grid mode.

I had a deadline for today. I didn’t get it completed completely, but I did all that I could do and I’m grateful.

What I’m realizing is I have to just always do my best. And that’s what I strive to do.

I’ll always pay it forward where and if I can’t give time I still give through appreciation by gifting or monetary donation.

But being present, to me, is always more beneficial and personable. I take it hard when I can’t be there for those that I love physically.

Charge it to the head but not my heart.

I love and appreciate everyone so much! So so much. You’re a part of my reasons why I’m grinding so hard to make B Estelle, Hey Kilo and now Hey Kilo Cares successful!

Thanks so much everyone for all your love and support, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

With love and light,

Kilo Sade

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