Positive Vibes Only isn’t the Bag, BALANCE IS!

Be who you are, know who you are, know your boundaries and watch the World act accordingly to YOU!

Don’t emphasis what should already be evident!

I don’t have to promote that I am a positive person. I just am who I am.

You’re going to meet me and feel me out and from that interaction YOU will determine how you perceive me and what you think of me.

How I perceive myself is truly irrelevant to you and your perception to me.

I am who I am. Just like you are who you are. How I think or feel about you is just MY OWN PERCEPTION OF YOU.

Therefore what I think about anyone is only relevant to me, not you or anyone else. And Vice Versa.

Make sense?

You see, so often we are fixated on how others think of us when in all actuality what we should truly be focused on is HOW WE ARE, PERIODT!

Who are you when you show up in the room?! How do you feel?! Are you mentally prepared to meet anyone?! Are you angry, happy, sad, depressed, mad, how do YOU FEEL?

Some will say IDC how I come across, you either like me or you don’t and that’s fine. But keep this in mind:

How you feel could either negatively or positively impact the chance encounter of a lifetime. All it takes in life is meeting one person that could change your life forever.

But you won’t ever experience that if you’re too fixated in being “that n*gga/that b*tch”.

One connection can be life changing and y’all out here just recklessly representing yourselves. OR living behind false narratives that you feel is more respectable or presentable.

Look all you have to be is YOU! Nothing more, nothing less! Just you! BE YOU! Love you FOR ALL YOUR AWKWARD, LOVING, CRAZY, PASSIONATE, IRRITATED and SILLY GLORY!

If you don’t love you authentically no one else will because they won’t know you! They’ll only know your representation! So the chance day that they meet THE REAL YOU, they’ll be confused! So why not just be who the hell you are!


Check YOURSELF! Know THYSELF! Know how you react under the different moods you fluctuate through and BE PRESENT within moments enough to CHECK YOURSELF.

It’s no one’s fault that you feel how you feel. Take ownership of your moods and ADJUST YOUR ATTITUDE.

Be great out here y’all! BE YOU and realize that by being you doesn’t mean it’s ok for you to be a DICK OR A BITCH!

That’s not acceptable and truly blocks so many blessings coming your way.

Be GREAT without the theatrics.


Don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem! I’ve been here before so I say it from familiarity because I see it and recognize it! And I’m here to tell ya that it’s not worth it!

For example. Yesterday I did a talk show and the Executive Producer was someone I once met and befriended. However, at some point in time, I removed this person off of my Facebook page.

Life: fast forward 6 years later! This person is now the Executive Producer of a show that I am now a guest on and the first thing he says is, “Hey Kilo, long time no see. You Removed me from your friends list a few years ago, don’t worry after the show, we still don’t have to be friends.”

My Mother Dear always said never burn bridges. You never know when you may need to walk across them again. Ironic.

I take these re-encounters in stride and honestly, I appreciate them. They remind me of how much I have grown.

By the end of the night, respect was re-earned and nothing was personal.

I’m grateful for my growth and who I am today. The old me would have been offended even though I was the one who put us at that awkward moment for whatever reason.

I say all that to say, we are great when we are great. Take it as you want to take it. Be better however by BEING better.



Aight, now you know better! The more you know!

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