Let People Be

Whatever joy or reason for the season you need to smile, go do it and be all the merry. After this year we ALL need it.

Every year, every holiday, we have the same black people complaining about other black people celebrating Holidays.

Sighs…. get over it and tend to you.

Where you try to feign this “Elitist idealism of Woke Glory” all I see is misguided bullies too out of touch to face their own inner pain…. I won’t touch there. Not for me too unless they want a reading or coaching. Head on over to my shop.

Healing, is the real BAG.

Healing is an every day experience.

A lifetime commitment.

A never ending cycle.

It never stops.

We are forever growing through each ascension.

Where I’m at in my journey doesn’t make me any better than where you are in yours.

So many people put so much emphasis in our History.

Trying to make sense of it and where they belong.

Not even knowing who they are RIGHT NOW.

I guess from that standpoint, I see why it’s easy to belittle people who don’t practice your particular spiritual concept.

What helps me not pass judgment on others journeys and where they are mentally is GRACE, LOVE, COMPASSION & TACT.

I know a lot of wise spiritual and religious fools. And I know some who are warm-hearted, pure and true. And I learn from both of them.

I give them all the same GRACE, LOVE, COMPASSION & TACT and set firm boundaries where they need to be.

I say all that to say, practice what you want.

Celebrate what you want.

Do what you want.


Educate yourselves on everything. Relearn everything you’ve ever been taught and apply WHATEVER YOU WANT TO YOUR LIFE.

There really isn’t a right or wrong way.

History doesn’t define who I am.

I already AM WHO I AM. And I can sit with scholars and debate back and forth from the Elizabethan Era, Great Rome, The “Atlantic Slave Trade” and all that Jazz….


And I want to be remembered by simply ALWAYS BEING TRUE TO MYSELF AND OTHERS.

If you want to put up a tree, open gifts, give a gift on Christmas and Kwanzaa and you aren’t really a believer in either DO YOU!

But what do I know? I’m just a Witch that leads my life with love and respect of all Things.

Be kind.

Be Corteous.

Be Pure.

Be True.

Be a light during these dark times.

I’m a gateway.

I’m spending my vacation regenerating my energy because this last shift of the year really exhausted me and we have the Full Moon in 8 days in Cancer.

This will be my last Blog until December 31st before my Grand Ascension.

I love you all and I wish you all A Happy Holidays.

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