Dear Mama, I Love You


Today was a low vibing day for me initially.

I’ve been restless lately. Grateful, and blessed, yet and still this period of time is rough for me. Constant ups and downs. And until today I couldn’t identify it.

As we near year 7 that our Mama has been gone, I feel like everything is coming full circle.

This chapter of healing is closing and I know without a shadow of a doubt that her soul is at peace.

I can let her BE at peace and live amongst the stars where she belongs. Because she is Our Star.

That release is that final acceptance and it has me in a ball of emotions. Good and bad.

The final stage of grieving is acceptance. And though it’s going on 7 years I’m just now accepting that she is gone. I am filled with gratitude and love.

Just knowing that despite her time physically here on Earth was a road many couldn’t have walked. Yet she did it through so much physical and mental pain and was a light to soooo many people.

Highs and lows for the time we had together were plenty, but I am so grateful to her love, her spirit and her essence.

Just to know that her soul is now at peace and she is amongst our Ancestors, engulfed in their love. I yearn to be there when my time comes.

I’m so thankful and will love her forever in this lifetime and beyond.

For energy never fades, it never dies.

It transcends and leaves its mark within our own spirits and hearts.

💖 I’ll love my Star forever may your light continue to radiate my path. 💖

You’re so much of me. I am so much of you. I’ll love you forever and even after that Mama.

Reign forever Supreme,

My Star

Brenda Estelle

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