Subconscious and Superconscious I am grateful for life and love.

I am Grateful every day for all the many blessings that I have received.

I am Grateful for the blessings that I am able to be for those that need me.

I am Grateful for my many gifts.

I am Grateful to my Ancestors of Benevolence and Spirit Guides that are with me every day. Providing me with wisdom and clarity throughout my life from beginning to now.

I am Grateful for love. I am grateful for life.

I am grateful for good health for not only myself but for all that I know and all that I love.

I am grateful for reality. Realizing that it’s bigger than me and that my gifts are not for my own benefit but for the entirety of The Universe.

I am Grateful for the light within darkness.

I am Grateful that God has shown me my purpose and has placed me exactly where I need to be within this moment.

I am grateful for this clarity and understanding.

I walk this life with no fear for fear is not of love. And I AM LOVE!


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