Working at Sally’s and seeing the products on the shelf I envisioned then that I would begin making my own products. Here is Hey Kilo Cares now. Never stop believing in yourself!

I’m not afraid of struggle but I definitely don’t want to ever go back to it.

I identify with it.

It was only 10 years ago I was catching the bus with my oldest twoSons, through rain, sleet, and snow, to get from 18th and Broadway to their Daycare Center off of 31st and Main. Then from there to 57th and Troost to go to Hair School.

I’ve come along way.

I say all that to say, NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU.

I am STILL a Licensed Cosmetologist.

I am STILL educating myself! From Kinesiology to Herbalism. I’m actively getting certified in everything that I love and want to implement within my businesses.

I am grateful for clarity.

I am grateful for purpose.

When people sit in my chair it’s a healing session.

Not just a fresh hairdo.

We speak life to each other! We hear each other.

My clients LOVE ME and I LOVE THEM.

It’s a genuine love and from that love, Sister bonds are formed.

That means everything to me.

Everything I do is filled with so much love and passion.

That’s how I know, since I was a kid and wanted to do hair, write, sing, dance, draw, act creating is my purpose. I knew early on how different I was.

Creating and showing people with my creations to not only see the beauty in my art, to see the beauty that’s within them as well.

My art resonates with you because you too are beautiful.

My Creations are a reflection of what I see around me. It’s so much beauty all around us. 💖

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