Acceptance & Release

If they hate look above and beyond it.

Not because you’re better.

Because you understand that there was once a time that you too were lost in the fog of it all and it was gentle Universal reminders that were able to place you back into gratification.

I say this to say it’s really not on us to understand why people are the way that they are.

Just learn to accept folks for who they are within this moment.

If they align to where you are right now then that’s fine if not let them go with love.

You’re only responsible for your peace of mind so that you can remain a peace of mind to all.

Everyone has to find their own inner happiness. That void can not be fulfilled by no one else, just you.

Today’s Spirit Message is:

Deep Clean and Release.

It’s almost Spring. Declutter, remove, new growth, and renewal.

You’re incapable of doing any of that if you are still stuck in old ways, relationships, friendships, partnerships, or emotions that keep you trapped in self victimization.

It’s time to release and renew.

Sending you all an abundance of love and light as you deep dive deeper into yourself to begin to shed layers of pain. It’s not easy and their are trained Therapist that are available to you.

Don’t let anyone tell you that therapy isn’t a solution.

Therapy changed my life.

Healing is never ending. We will be healing every day for the rest of our lives.

While healing is never ending, our traumas and/or issues will subside and we learn how to live with them and control our emotional reactions. That is the goal.

Pains may never go away but we don’t let them control us.

I wish you well. I send you love. I send you joy. I send you prosperity and I send you abundance in this day and forever more.

Grand Rising

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