The Point of it All

I’m extremely private when it comes to doing card readings.

It’s sacred for me and I respect the privacy of my clients.

I never ask my clients what they are wanting insight on.

I only tell them to visualize to themselves their concern or what they are wanting clarity on and give me a number 1 through 5. So as I cut I use the energy provided from that number and put it into the cards.

I do this because consciously we want to know what things are on a surface level of feeling.

How to be successful, how to find love, etc. I know my other readers feel this.

I do this like this so that I can dig deeper into their subconscious and figure out the root of their problems. I allow our guides, yes because sometimes their guides talk to me directly, relay the messages that they are NEEDING to know, not what they want to know.

It’s more impactful this way.

I’m not a medium at all, but I have talked to spirits through readings if they are present and want to say something.

I can’t just summon folks, well I haven’t tried but I wouldn’t want to lol.

I say my readings are sacred because I learn so much not only my clients situations but also myself and how if I were in their shoes, how would I react. I don’t incorporate my feelings into the readings at all. I just toy with it in my own mind.

It’s interesting balancing out different scenarios and reactions and makes me look deeper into my own triggers and emotional responses.

Nevertheless, this specific clients reading was on betrayal. Their significant other had cheated.

I could feel their pain. And I cried with them.

I however sensed without looking at the cards that the issues wasn’t the infidelity itself, but more so the anger of humiliation. Rightfully so.

I also seen the love in their eyes. I felt the partner trying to redeem themselves and I felt my client making it hard for them to.

I told them to follow their heart. And if that leads them to forgiving their partner then, that’s exactly what you must do. For holding on to this anger is going to do the one thing that deep down inside you don’t want. Push them away.

They cried and I cried too.

They celebrated their Anniversary just recently. They look so happy. I feel their joy and their love.

I also provided her with my therapist information too:

I’m serious about therapy just as much as my craft.

I don’t want repeat customers. I really want people to TRUST THEIR OWN VOICE WITHIN.

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