People be like, “Kilo you ok?”

No I’m not!

No I’m not ok!

I have 4 sons and I don’t qualify for food stamps!

I will NEVER be ok!!!!

Alright damn it!

And the 4 year old eats more than anybody!

Look at him, the rare specimen who eats dry cereal but drinks his milk!!!!!

Make it make sense?!?!?

Joey Da Great

Published by Kilo Sade

These things can be so trivial so I’ll give a quick synopsis: I am Love. I am Light. Sometimes I’m wrong. Sometimes I’m right. Sometimes I’m low. Sometimes I get high. But at the end of the day I just live true to self throughout this life. That was hella cheesy but that’s me. Asé I’m also a 34 year old Working Mother of 4 boys (pray for me), lover to D2 (swoon), Sistar, Loc’d Goddess, Crystal Healing, Card Reading, Herb brewing, poem writing, hair styling, earth loving, pet whispering REBEL. Follow me on Instagram: @heykilocares

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