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“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!” ~ Gandolph The Grey

You have to have personal boundaries set in place so people aren’t able to take advantage of your mind, body and spirit.

People only do to you what you ALLOW THEM TO DO.

You are your first line of defense.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…. Won’t be a twice. That’s my BOUNDARY.

Doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong.

I can go into so many times and chances over my 35 years here on Earth where I have given chance after chance to people to be the bad guy in the end for finally choosing me.

Now days I don’t give second chances.

I don’t expect second chances to be given to me either.

Loyalty is everything to me. Respect is everything to me.

I’m not betraying a soul. Nor will I allow someone to betray me and be able to be around me to talk to me about it.

I’m good.

Lay your law y’all. Put it out into the Universe and I promise you everything that fits your script will gravitate towards you.

We determine our destiny. You are in control.

So take it.


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