Download for 3/19/21

Say what you mean & mean what you say!

The download today is: In expressing yourself in love, BE CLEAR & CONCISE.

“I wouldn’t have to guess how you felt if you didn’t go around in circles trying to tell me….”

I hear this often.

I am a storyteller.

I love writing.

I express myself better with written words.

Well I’m willing my mind out of this now because I want to, no, I AM able to speak and be heard.

What better way to do this than being direct and straight to the point so that you don’t lose the interest of those that you are speaking to.

When you are clear and concise you are doing just that.

You’re able to clearly articulate the point you are trying to make without drawing it out with unnecessary additives.

No need for theatrics. Especially when you’re expressing to someone how they make you feel.

We have to be clear, raw and honest with our emotions.

No one likes to be unclear of where they stand with someone.

I feel that we’ve been in so many eff’d up situations with love, that we’ve now adapted to being what we once received and it’s creating a lot of relationships of “You should already know how I feel without me saying it.”

So many people have been broken from childhood traumas, deception, heartbreaking betrayals, you name it.

There’s a necessity for our people to be reassured. Black Men & Black Women.

We should reassure our partners daily.

I drop the ball often.

No excuses.

No explanations.

Just be better love.


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