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Do you really know what it takes to vibrate higher? Or is it a cool punchline?

This isn’t an I’m a smarter or better than you type of blog.

This is a, “I’ve been lost before, honestly until recently, so I understand how and why we are where we are”, type of blog.

This is to enlighten, not to berate.

I’m not better than anyone.

I am a vessel.

I am here to use my journey as an example so that I may help others be liberated.

It’s beyond time that we begin to vibrate higher.

I start that by realizing that this message isn’t for everyone.

This is for those who already feel the pull! Those who are unsettled. Those who feel like the “norm” is no longer their normal.

They feel conflicted when around folks who are still lost in the dream of it all. No longer amused by the day to day theatrics that they use to partake in.

This is for you.

I speak on Chakras often.

Any spare time I can between Customers at my vending events, I’m deep diving over loud music or partygoers attempting to speak to folks about healing and getting to know the main 7 chakras in their body.

For to elevate from those lower regions you will then be able to truly connect with God.

Yes, I believe in God. God is within each and everyone of us. We are God’s Essence.

We literally are more than what meets the eye, even the third one!

We are the divinity. We are.

So many of us are at one and at peace because we know exactly who we are!

We are Children of God, therefore we are Gods.

Not the Creator, but Gods of God. It is vital we come to term with that.

A friend of mine asked me recently what do I think about Christ. Do I believe we must go through Christ to connect with God.

When I told her yes she was so confused. Like wait, what?

I told her what I am about to tell you and many of you will write me off as insane but there will be a few who will read this and feel empowered.

This is again is for them, not necessarily for the masses.

Christ isn’t this Almighty Spirit in the sky. Christ is within ALL OF US. Christ is a seed within us, that we DO have to go through in order to connect with God.

Christ is our Pineal Gland. You must VIBRATE HIGHER to get through your pineal gland to connect with God/Source.

There is no other way around it.

Doesn’t matter how much scripture you know. If your life is tainted by flesh the ways of this world you will forever keep you in lower vibrations, the lower chakras. (Muladhara & Sacral)

It takes a great deal of self discipline, HEALING, deep traumatic healing, to VIBRATE HIGHER.

Ridding your mind of self victimization, a great deal of accountability, a great deal of isolation, a great deal of sacrifice, a great deal of pain, that will then be filled with a great deal of peace!

The first day I heard my inner voice was January 23rd, 2021. Like really heard myself, really connected with Source/God, really connected with my Higher Self, and really seen my Spirit Guides, all of them! My very first Spiritual Awakening.

Seeing my Mama, My Grandparents, all of my Ancestors. My People. I cried for hours. I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. I felt so warm and covered. Protected.

Why would I not want others to feel this peace?

That’s why I’m so passionate when I speak about Crystals, Chakras, and healing. Balance is the key to connecting through Christ to God.

Doesn’t matter what religion or faith that you believe in. Change Christ to Pineal Gland, I don’t care.

You can believe in whatever you want to believe in. The message is clear!

You have to heal and be in balance before you can connect to God/Source.

Completely in peace.

I don’t argue about what or who God looks like. I don’t view God as a Man or Woman. God to ME can’t be defined by a gender. A power that infinite can’t be boxed into anything that I have come to know.

It’s too powerful. Thee powers is because we couldn’t begin to be able to contain all of that. We’d lose our minds.

God is what God is. Like I am what I am.

“If we were made in His image then call us by our names….” Werd to Badu.

To Vibrate Higher means to deliver ourselves from the ways of the world.

Not be vexed or trapped within it, live our lives authentically you our Higher Selves, and realizing our reality will look a lot different from others.

I don’t judge anyone or how they live.

I walk my path alone and determine quite quickly if my Vibration is able to align with others.

Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

I embrace change. At any given moment if something no longer aligns to me, I let it go.

I don’t force anything in my life. I trust the Universe that’s been placed in our lives to guide and lead us to where we are supposed to be.

Everything is Connected. And EVERYTHING is created by God/Source. Everything has it’s place, including Us. And we must respect everything that’s in this world. That doesn’t mean you have to live within it.

You want to vibrate higher? Realize that redemption is already within you. Heal and rise to the occasion. Heal and vibrate yourself higher.

Faith without works is dead. You have to heal you.

Heaven and Hell is all a mindset.

I choose to live in Heaven. I refuse to live in Hell.

You deserve to live in Heaven too. What will you do to get there? What are you willing to let go?

I can lead you to the water, but I can’t make you drink it.

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