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Are you pouring into you as much as you’re pouring into others?

When I was a kid, Mother Dear would emphasize the importance of ALWAYS paying yourself.

“If you make a dollar, pay yourself $.25. “

I’d be like, “If I get a dollar wouldn’t I be paying myself the $1?”

She’d laugh and say, “No, you have a dollar but you’re going to spend it, save at least a part of it that’s how you pay yourself.”

When you pay yourself, you’ll always have something to hold on to.

A reserve of abundance that you yourself have created. JUST FOR YOU! A rainy day find.

The just in case something goes wrong and I have something to fall back on in case I need it.

A comfort account. A cushion.

Yes, we always think having a financial savings is enough. We need it for energy too.

We need it for energy more than money because every day we are tirelessly giving to others and not pouring anything back into ourselves and that’s leaving you mentally and emotionally at risk.

Vulnerable. Exposed. Who will have energy for you when you’re depleted?

You have to pore into you MORE than you pore yourself into others.

Do not run yourself dry trying to fix someone else!

You can not fix a soul unless that person is actively putting in their own plan of healing.

You can assist, you can motivate but you can not save if a person isn’t actively trying to save themselves.

I repeat stop over exerting your energy trying to save people who don’t want to be saved.

Today you’re no longer Captain Save a Hoe fellas or the Clean Up Woman Ladies! Fellas you’re not a Housekeeper and Ladies you’re not Superwoman.

We are going to stop over exerting ourselves for people who don’t want to be saved.

Your grown ass children included.

Saving your kids that don’t want to be saved will literally be the death of you.

It’s natural to want better for our seeds. Guess what? You can always love them but you are not put on this Earth to stress yourself out to help anyone that doesn’t want to be saved! That includes everyone!

Mama, Daddy, Siblings, Spouses, Friends, etc.

Everyone is put on this Earth to walk their own paths! If they choose to walk a path that leads towards destruction ALL you can do realistically is speak life into them every chance you get.

Just a reminder of their potential.

That doesn’t mean opening up your homes to toxicity.

That doesn’t mean opening up your pocket books.

That doesn’t mean bonding and bailing them out of jail every time they get arrested.

That doesn’t mean putting your house up as collateral every time they get indicted for legal fees.

That doesn’t mean forgiving them of things they wouldn’t forgive you for.


You got to stand Tall on the choice for your peace of mind so that you will not over exert yourself out of obligation.

You’re not obligated to anyone but you!

Why are our people dealing with depression, heart failure, high blood pressure and so many other ailments that is literally killing us?

Yes, socioeconomic factors play a major part. A major roll.

Stress is also a major factor and we put too much stress on ourselves.

I mean every day there’s a new controversy that happens with a “Celebrity” and we go verbally duking it out on social media like we are the debate champions of the world.

Well, y’all suck because you’re too emotionally invested while debating. You lose every time you take a debate personally.

I say this from both spectrums because it used to be me.



That’s emotionally over exerting yourself on shit that’s has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with you.

Learn how to detach, scroll by, and realize people are grown as hell and are going to be exactly who they are.

Your Facebook dissertation isn’t going to be profound! Most aren’t even going to read it. That’s why I blog!

Whoever wants to read it will. And whoever doesn’t well, that’s their prerogative. I don’t care!

Stop allowing your personal emotions to get y’all out of wack over these “celebs”. They got problems just like you and I do.

They have their own path to walk. I’m too focused on walking mine now days.

We are not here to try to figure out anyone else but ourselves.

When you pore into you and focus solely on you and your peace you will then BE the reflection that you want to see in the world.

Likeness will attract to you. And anything around you that doesn’t mean you well, well, it will all fade off.

Trust yourself. Invest into you more than what you put into others and I promise you your tribe will form!

You will be at peace mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Use my magnet affect.

When you put two magnets together you realize instantly that you can’t. There’s a magnetic force between the two that pushes them apart NATURALLY!

Keyword NATURALLY! They are naturally NOT supposed to connect!

You have to force them to get an odd sort of connection.

So many of us are laying next to another magnet, befriending magnets, going into business with magnets, even growing up with them.

Let that magnet go and be great.

The only thing I’m forcing in my life is absolutely not a damn thing. Ok. Not even jeans. If I need to lose weight I know how.

Or I can buy another pair.


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