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Healthy Skin Starts Within.

Everyone wants glowing healthy skin.

We are literally jumping from product to product in search of some miracle combination to give us brighter, even toned, glowing skin of the Gods.

The truth of the matter is, we can buy all the products in the world but healthy skin begins within us!

Balance is everything!

I know I over say this word often.

I’m always speaking about balance. But everything is balance!

Everything about our mental, physical, and emotional makeup is all about balance.

When we are out of balance everything is out of wack. From our skin, our health, our lives, our mental well-being.

Literally everything!

Especially our skin!

The general pH Balance of skin from our scalp to the bottom of our feet ranges from 4.7 to 5.5. Making our skin mildly acidic.

What’s the 411 on our skins pH?

When our pH is much higher than 5.5 it’s too alkaline which causes our skin to be dry and super sensitive.

If you suffer from eczema or other skin issues with inflammation, your skin is more alkaline and you’re needing to find not only products that’ll get back into a normal skin pH range, but also a DIET that will not through you off as well.

Did you know one of the main purposes of skin is to help the circulatory system eliminate waste? What did you think acne was?

Inflammation is extremely harmful to our bodies natural waste removal. When the skin is inflamed, rather from acne or eczema, harmful enzymes known as MMPs are created and their sole purpose is to damage our collagen build up.

We need collagen to help prevent wrinkles and to keep our skin elastic,firm and without wrinkles.

When our skins pH is too low/ too acidic we tend to be super oily and prone to massive acne breakouts.

Diet is extremely important in maintaining our skin. Yes, like a slim waist, healthy skin is also determined by what we eat and drink. What’s in your kitchen?

Drink water!

We are too old to say how much we hate water. Water is key in making sure all of our bodily systems are running as they should.

Finding out your skins pH should be your top priority to determine what type of products you should use.

If you are too alkaline you want to use a product that’s more acidic to bring your pH back to normal. The Hey Kilo Cares Tumeric Bars are great for this!

If you’re too acidic you want to use an alkaline product to bring your skin back to balance. This is where the Hey Kilo Cares Dark Spot remover with Ginger comes in as well as my Black Soap that’s debuting tomorrow.

Top off with the Witch Hazel Mist and Rose Oil for equal coverage and sun protection.

It’s time we truly get to know our bodies inside and out.


Love Kilo 💖

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