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Don’t ever dim your light or who you are so someone else can shine. Shine like the Star that you are!

Shine with me.

Stand with me in your own light and your own glory.

Shine brighter if the mood arises.

We are all stars ladies. I’m not about to shit on anyone else’s show because I feel threatened, or jealous, or irritated by another woman.

Do I get along with everyone? No. I’m still not about to shit on your shine because we don’t mix.

We ALL deserve to thrive, be in love, be prosperous, and be successful.

I send that blessing out to all.

Nothing more infuriating than when other women attempt to tear other women down.

“She’s fat.” “She’s not even that cute.” “Girl, you know she got her body done.” Why the hell do you care! Why are you bothered by what others do?!

If it’s not for you that’s fine. I prefer being natural myself HOWEVER, let me win a free tummy tuck or Uncle Joe throw me another 14-HUN-DAWG and a BAWDY MIGHT BE ARRANGED!

I’m not shitting on anyone else, pillow talking shit, “have you heard – big”, or downplaying another woman just so I can stand out.

You only stand out looking like the biggest “I wanna be down ass Brandy” in the room when you’re do that shit. Especially amongst men who LOVE to size women up against one another as if they are going to be a prince in shinning armor.

REAL MEN DON’T SPEAK ON WHAT WOMEN DO and/or shouldn’t do! They are too busy holding themselves accountable.

I’m convinced any man that has nothing to say but negative things about women wants to be one and Vice verse. Any chick that has everything negative to say about men want to be them.

At the end of the day, the terrible decisions we have had with the men/women we choose to deal with is on US!

The sooner that you take accountability for the people you allow in your life around you and for yourself the greater the Universe will direct the things you gravitate towards directly to you.

Anyhoots, you don’t have to talk stuff about folks to standout! BE YOU!!!! Turn your own light up and light the room you’re in up.

Take ownership. Speak your truth without speaking lies and gossip on others.

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