Download 4/1/2021

New Month! Who Dis?! Home Boy/ Home Girl go find your joy and transform your life!

I went from having a lot to be mad about to having nothing but JOY in my heart!

I may have a lot to be mad about, these days though, I’d rather hold on to PEACE OF MIND than the drama of the world!

Joy is a choice.

I’m going to choose it every time!

Download today is FIND WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY.

Way too often we surround ourselves with things, people, and toxic propaganda that warps our minds by keeping us fixated on negativity.

I refuse to dive my mind into what doesn’t bring me peace.

I allowed myself to be entrapped in hell for far too long.

I exude now what I want in return.

Love, peace, positivity, patience, wisdom, a calm spirit, a calm home, and everything else that comes with peace of mind and happiness.

I used to pray for these days. Now I create them.

Mindset is everything! Controlling what you indulge in is apart of that mindset.

This message isn’t for everyone though, just who understand.

I’ve been on both spectrums so I say this with understanding.

It’s hard to face the truth that it is US who determines how our lives will be lived.

I challenge you all to start choosing joy over drama and see how far you will go.

The only person that you owe peace of mind to is yourself!

You’re the most important person in your life and you deserve joy more than anyone. I need you to say this and believe it!

Once you find that inner joy, you will then naturally be a joy to everyone around you! And if for any reason someone around you isn’t a fan of your joy, I guarantee they will remove themselves out of your life.


Choose YOUR joy WITHOUT bending or folding on it!

It’s not up for negotiation.

You don’t have to compromise on what brings you peace of mind.

Allow The Universe to guide you with the true thoughts and feelings of your heart and mind in one accord.

Choose peace, free your mind, and your heart will follow.

A lil En’Vogue at the end never hurt nobody!

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