Download 4/5/21

I’m going to do everything that I love to do.

I’m done sitting still.

Sitting idle.

Yes I’ve been going hard for my brands.

However, I AM THE BRAND!

How can I push “Hey Kilo Cares” and not be present?

Not be visible?

Sometimes I feel we allow ourselves to let internal forces minimize ourselves from being great!

I’m an extrovert yet I’m camera shy and I hate it!

I just don’t like recording myself at all! I feel extremely awkward.

Mindset is everything.

That mentality is serving me no purpose at all.

I need to be present in all I do.

My skin is glowing due to my products and no one can see it unless they SEE ME!

My weight is dropping because of my teas and no one can see my progress unless they SEE ME!

I know I’m not alone in this!

We will talk ourselves out of some good shit! Uh uhn! Not today!

We’re stepping into our purpose fully y’all! We owe it to ourselves and our dreams!

I love what I do! I love talking about herbs.

I am a go to for so many women who are starting their new businesses and needing tips and tricks.

I love discussing my products. I love discussing crystals.

I love hosting classes. Talking to customers about ingredients. About Chakras and their importance!

Y’all gone get sick of seeing me and that’s fine!

Ladies, it’s time to show up.

Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from your glory INCLUDING YOURSELVES!

We got this!

Ok? Ok! Let’s get it!

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