Skin & Hair: Let’s Get Conscious on Knowing Thyself

We literally are what we eat.

My keeping it 100 moment.

All of these celebs lines are filled with really harsh chemicals and toxins.

I think we flock to them out of popularity and because they are beautiful and rich. I know I have.

However, a lot of it be smoke in mirrors. When the lights are down and the cameras and make up comes off a lot of them are facing some of the same problems we are when it comes to our hair and skin woes.

That’s why I love KeKe Palmer and her coming forward about her hyperpigmentation issues.

Transparency is important when it comes to beauty and health.

Honesty. Integrity. Not just selling products to make a buck.

A ton of these brands are extremely overpriced and do either nothing or quite the opposite of what they say they will do. Sometimes making our skin and hair way worst.

From experience, being a licensed cosmetologist and a former employee of Sally’s Beauty, the most expensive beauty products to me never worked in comparison to brands I found at Sally’s.

Sally’s Ion brand was way better than anything Chi ever made to me. Same for Beyond the Zone! Amazing lines that are affordable.

When it comes to hair and skin also you have to keep in mind that everyone’s hair and skin is different.

It’s important that YOU know your hair and skin type.

Know your curl pattern. No your skin. Are you oily? Are you dry? T zone?

I’ve heard horror stories of people sitting in chairs getting their hair, nails, and skin treatments and feeling like something isn’t right and something is going wrong.

As a consumer YOU HAVE TO SPEAK UP. As an expert I have to hear out your complaints even if I don’t agree.

It’s not always hate. Sometimes it’s a learning experience we need to know because again, everyone’s hair and skin is not the same.

What works for me may not work for you. And that’s fine. It challenges me to find a solution for you.

What we also eat and drink has a lot to do with our skin and hair. (Hair grows from a scalp which is skin, and it has a pH too. Keep it safe in the normal pH levels so it can thrive.)

We have to be more conscious of what we intake.

Everything we eat/drink breaks down in our body and has to be released.

So, while skin for the most part is a layer of protection from outside elements, it is also a means for toxins to be released out of us.

Greasy foods, pops, liquor, all of that comes out of us through bowels and our our skin.

Be cautious on what you in take.

Healthy skin is created in your kitchen.

Healthy hair too.

A healthy all around life begins in our own fridges.

Let’s be more conscious y’all. Healthy life, skin, hair, mental, starts within.

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