Kc Mystics Fair 21 was a WHOLE BLESSED VIBE!

We came, we all saw, and we all conquered!!!!

I am still on my blessed high following this past weekends KC Mystics Fair! Held at the Cotillion Room on 40 Hwy & put on by the Beautiful and Amazing Carolyn Ullrich. (I love saying her full name because she sounds like a professor on Harry Potter. 💖)

It was literally such a magical time and the spot in the Spring is BREATHTAKINGLY SERENE!

Day 1 setup Inside due to the rain. Day 2 outside setup was SPLENDID at 75 degrees!

I SOLD OUT YA’LL!!!! It felt so amazing to get all my products sold, all my jewelry adored!

The greatest part is all the amazing connections! Kc Mystics is literally a family! I started with the fair last Fall and I’m hooked!

My Beautiful Julia and Mwuah! After Saturday’s Success! Sweaty and all I feel good! Pure Love & Light!

Everyone has so much love and light within them. When I needed love and push they are right there!

Carolyn is so attentive to all of us, she makes sure that everyone is doing good and is always there with a snack or water! That’s love!

The vegan Foods by Sunni were a huge delight and the wines were super popular! People watching was amazing, EVERYONE was smiling and enjoying themselves.

Sun Baking. Lol I got a horrible tan though. But I and my crystals needed the Sunshine on the glorious New Moon!

Friday it rained all day and we all got stuck in the mud. No worries like MAGIC a tow truck came to save the day! I got to sit in the car while my SUV was hitched and lifted. I literally felt like I was FLYING!

The Stuck In Mud Trucks. #KCMYSTICS21

Like the entire weekend was a blessing! I gave away so much merch! I absolutely love gifting kids crystals just to spark their curiosity and make them feel good as they make a selection towards a Crystal that’s calling out to them. Their eyes light up wide! 💖

Cherry Blossoms, my favorite tree ever.

I’m so grateful for purpose in my life. Just imagine where I’d be if I wouldn’t have allowed myself to be FREE. I love the life that I have just began living!

It all began with trusting myself and following my heart.

To anyone out there sitting on their vision I challenge you to let go and just be!!!!

Just allow yourself to be what The Universe is truly calling you to.

I am truly loving and living my dreams now! Everyone I encounter I encourage to follow their heart and create the lives they are wanting to!

And the Shopping!!!! I swear I didn’t buy it all! So much amazing stuff to choose from!!!! 💖

I’ll leave you all with some amazing shots I took of the garden!

Sun kissed
Going to call this one the Cookout. Lol it just jumps to my mind lol.
Flower Child

If you missed this past weekends KC Mystics Fair don’t worry! We are BACK 19th & 20th! I look forward to seeing you all there!!!! 💖

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