Don’t mind me, just manifesting my dreams!

Lately I’ve been throwing affirmations in the air and catching blessings when they return.

I let it go and literally just let The Most High do what it does!

Just throwing your affirmations out is speaking power into them.

Don’t worry about the how, just continue to keep doing all that you do!

Be grateful in advance.

Watch those blessings begin to move in your favor.

Especially when you are a pure blessing to others.

I don’t worry about anything!

I KNOW that God makes ways out of no way.

I just do my part.

I keep my energy aligned and stay rooted within my purpose.

I don’t match energy I still show love.

I don’t wish Ill on anyone because I’m too focused on what’s happening in my own life and home to dwell on anything else.

It’s enough blessings for us all out here.

And none of us are in control of another’s destiny, only they are.

So, despite it all I will forever speak life and love into everyone.

Every day.

It’s enough hate and drama in the world than for me to add fuel to fires in someone else’s mind.

Heaven and Hell on Earth is a choice.

I choose to always be a place of peace for all.

Dream Big

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