A few thoughts….

Gratitude looks and feels so good.

Every day I’m checking myself:

My thoughts.

My feelings.

What I entertain.

What I laugh at.

What I indulge in.

What I’m feeling.

There’s not one day that goes by that it’s not a day for self improvement:

Every day I aim to be a better version of who I was yesterday.

That’s my focus.

I am greater every day.

I am grateful that I am able to check myself.

I’ve been through so many ups and downs for the last 8 years.

So many highs and lows as we all have.

I don’t lie on my journey.

Am I 100%? Absolutely not.

Am I perfect? No.

I just strive to be better. Be better in every aspect of my life.

I don’t have all the answers and as I evolve I realize I never will. That doesn’t keep me from seeking and wanting to learn more.

I can’t devote my time to wonder why people dislike me and the days of me attempting to prove myself are so gone.

I’m just appreciative of those that I do have in my corner and I show love to all still.

I know the type of person that I used to be.

I’m so proud of who I am today because it’s been a very long road.

Caterpillars have to endure a period of darkness before they emerge as a beautiful butterfly.

My darkness has been embraced. I acknowledge and accept it as it is a part of me.

For that I am grateful and look forward to the beauty of life that is to come.

Published by Kilo Sade

These things can be so trivial so I’ll give a quick synopsis: I am Love. I am Light. Sometimes I’m wrong. Sometimes I’m right. Sometimes I’m low. Sometimes I get high. But at the end of the day I just live true to self throughout this life. That was hella cheesy but that’s me. Asé I’m also a 34 year old Working Mother of 4 boys (pray for me), lover to D2 (swoon), Sistar, Loc’d Goddess, Crystal Healing, Card Reading, Herb brewing, poem writing, hair styling, earth loving, pet whispering REBEL. Follow me on Instagram: @heykilocares

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