Death to Avoidance

You will never grow by avoiding things.

You really have to face everything to grow.

The Good of you. The Bad of you. The Negative of you. The Positive… y’all get it.

You have to look at the real reason why people rub you the wrong way. What in them sparks that reaction out of you?

A lot of the time it’s something that we see in ourselves.

Grace can’t be applied to anyone when you utilize avoidance.

Understanding is so much greater than the need to be a know it all and right all the time.

The greatest lesson I learned in life is how much I really don’t know at all.

And how getting rid of the attachments I’ve learned in life is the closest I’ve ever been to freedom.

And I’m still learning, letting go, and evolving.

Don’t lie on your journeys you’re only hindering yourselves.

Published by Kilo Sade

These things can be so trivial so I’ll give a quick synopsis: I am Love. I am Light. Sometimes I’m wrong. Sometimes I’m right. Sometimes I’m low. Sometimes I get high. But at the end of the day I just live true to self throughout this life. That was hella cheesy but that’s me. Asé I’m also a 34 year old Working Mother of 4 boys (pray for me), lover to D2 (swoon), Sistar, Loc’d Goddess, Crystal Healing, Card Reading, Herb brewing, poem writing, hair styling, earth loving, pet whispering REBEL. Follow me on Instagram: @heykilocares

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