They Did It Again

My Sons have the greatest way of letting me know that they love me. I guess Actions of Affirmation is my love language.

The things done when I don’t have to ask them to be done. They just DO IT!

A long time ago a woman told me that I was really strong. She said that one day my Sons will be my strength when I feel low.

I will never portray that I’ve had parenting figured out early on. It’s been a major growth and development.

I didn’t have examples of what parenting was.

All I wanted was to make sure that I was a consistent place of stability for my babies.

I feel like the first 10 years of being a “MAMA” was purely me in survival mode attempting to make ends meet. I failed drastically at times.

Every time I was at a low my babies were there giving me strength in ways I’m not sure they even knew.

Yet they always stood as a constant reminder on WHY I REFUSE to ever give up on ME. For THEM. It’s all for them. Lawd I may fuss. Sometimes cuss, even though I swear I’m trying to stop because Josiah out here cursing like a sailor (🤦🏾‍♀️I guarantee it’s not all on me. He has it honest with a mechanic Dad. Even tho, his delivery with cursing is better.)

I still don’t get it right all the time because I have a bad habit of reacting first, seeing the big picture and circling back like, aight cool. 🥴

My Sons are still mesmerizing me with the little things man. It can be something so little and I’m filled with instant gratitude.

But TODAY WAS MAJOR!!!! I woke up to a straightened out Garage y’all!!!!! All I did yesterday was tell Malachi, a yo this what we are about to do! And this morning, I wake up and it’s DONE! I BALLED! 😭 (they stared at me like I lost my mind.)

Grateful isn’t enough to describe how much gratitude that I feel in my heart and soul. I be like I had y’all!

They are a constant reminder to me that everything is going to be ALRIGHT!!!!

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