Growing Hands

I did it!!!!

Around this time last year my Great Grand was helping me start my back porch garden.

I started it but I wasn’t persistent with it. I didn’t give anything the care, nurturing, and time it takes to be successful at it.

Lol I didn’t research enough to understand what needed to be done.

So, I bombed and didn’t get to harvest anything by mid July.

I was pretty upset about it. Great Grand was always encouraging and told me that we will do it when I have time next year and she’d help me.

Around December of 2020 she gave me a ton of her gardening sheets, an gardening newsletter she cherished, and a whole bunch of old scrapbooks she’d had over the years.

If you knew Great Grand you’d know she didn’t give anything she cherished to anyone rather she loved you or not.

Lol I looked at her and new soon.

I said to myself get ready.

Nothing helps you get ready. Nothing at all.

My baby left us January 5th and it’s been a very very hard time without her love, guidance, and joyful ness man.

I miss her so Damn much.

I feel her with me every day though. And I got my first damn harvest!!!!

Even my neighbors cheered for me when I picked them: (they got the HUGEST GARDEN!!!!)

As I drop these tears of joy in my work chair still in my gown and barefoot I know my Great Grand is like “You tough girl!”

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