Free Your Mind

My free mind either irritates folks or empowers them. There’s no in between. I’m fine with either.

“The purpose of education…is to create in a person the ability to look at the world for himself, to make his own decisions.”

~ James Baldwin

We have been so conditioned to comply. Not to question. But to comply with anything presented to us.

And any time you question anything you are deemed crazed, weird, pessimistic, a problem, and you all know the rest.

You are silenced. Ridiculed. Shamed. Ostracized. Just for having a difference of opinion.

I absolutely refuse to stand still, or sit behind screen all day long, going back and forth with anyone.

I’m going to continue to do the work.

I’m going to continue to be the reflection that I want to see in my World until I see it.

People will cut me off for disagreeing with them or not allowing them to treat me any type of way and swear I’ve broken them.

You’re already broken if you don’t value or see the love that I have for myself and respect it.

If you were free thinking you wouldn’t be bothered by my difference of opinion you’d respect it and be inspired regardless if you agreed or not.

Respect shouldn’t be compromised. It should just be REGARDLESS of how you feel.

You could respectfully fuck with me or respectfully say I love you (or not) but we don’t mix.

That can only be respected. Hey. It is what it is.

I don’t respect indirect shit. If you don’t rock with me, don’t rock with me in peace. Go about your life.

A lot of y’all can’t stop there. You shoot subliminal messages.

You try to get others to side with you.

You start making up weird ass stories just to make the projections in your own heart and mind make sense that I’m the problem. Whole time you’re at war within yourself.

And regardless of the hows of the whys of what you do, I’m out living my truth and it angers you.

Angers you so much that you continue to live in lies even tho it’s detrimental to your own physical and mental well-being.

This is why we don’t need more leaders.

Leaders create unnecessary divisions.

We need collectives of free thinking men and women working side by side and seeing the importance of community and a collective thought.

No ones views or thoughts are more important than anyone else’s.

We move for the cause. To liberate and create a place that is safe for more free thinkers to cultivate their minds and grow.

Understanding that we are all different and unique and not allowing our differences to sway any emotional reactions out of us but love and respect.

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