Moon Magic: How to Manifest with Luna!

As the Moon orbits around the Earth within a Month (28 days or so), the Moons appearance alters as the Suns reflection hits it while the Moon rotates (behind it, in front, or adjacent to the Earth or Sun.) This is how the many phases of the Moon appear to us. At certain times across certain points of the World.

The Moon is everything magical that it sounds like.

In Astrology, the Moon symbolizes the divine feminine and governs over water, and all our emotional aspects. It controls weather patterns, the seas, and all large bodies of water here on Earth.

Including us, seeing that the Human body is compromised of 80% water!

We are all connected!

Within Magic and tradition many spiritualist use the Moon and all its magic to not only manifest their desires, but to also garden, create, and track their menstrual cycles!

As the Moon phases and the seasons change, so do we!

It’s time that we bring back the old ways of using the Universe to bring our dreams to reality.

The 8 phases of the Moon & their manifesting purposes:

New Moon = New Possibilities

The beginning of the Moon’s cycles! Everything has a beginning. From a seed, to seedling, to a blossoming flower! The New Moon is where we begin to put our dreams into our mental picture. It’s here that the seeds of creativity begin to sprout.

During this New Moon phase it’s extremely important to trust your intuition. Sometimes it’s extremely important for us to sit still and listen within ourselves for true guidance on where our next steps and actions are desiring to go.

This is a perfect time to brainstorm, see things from every angle before actually making a move! Strategizing is done during this phase.

Waxing Crescent

Let there be light on your ideas!

With the Waxing Crescent Moon we begin to draw “light action” to our ideas that we set in the New Moon phase.

This is when we put our strategy to play, slowly! Understand that with all great concepts, you will have shortcomings and that’s fine! Moving slow you’ll be able to face any obstacles and confidently make it through them.

First Quarter

Lighting the right side of the moon we have made it to the First Quarter Moon.

During this phase things will begin to pick up speed and you’ll be capitulated into your vision. Doors will begin to open for you EVERYWHERE and you’ll start to see your dreams blossom right in front of your eyes.

Keep your eyes on the prize and do not get distracted! Keep all focus and energy into your OWN shat!

Waxing Gibbous Moon

You’re not quite done yet! Yet you’re almost to victory!

Not quite full, but definitely illuminating on your new reality! Continue to stay focused! This is where we add any final touches to our projects! This can definitely be another time for snags but do not give up!

Sometimes you might have to stop, analyze, and look through any snags or look within to find solutions! But this is not a time to give up! Let this be your motivation! Look how far you’ve already come! You got this!

Full Moon

Full Moons are the Most Powerful and potent time of revelation!!!! Pay close attention to not only your inner feelings but also of feelings, actions, and movements of everything and EVERYONE AROUND YOU!

This is also a manifesting powerhouse after a period of planning and strategizing it’s time to put power and magic into your project! Charge up!

This is a great time to charge up your crystals, magical utensils, and yourself! Take a Full Moon bath, do a reading, and make sure you’re guarding your THOUGHTS as the Universe adheres to the REAL YOU!!!! Your thoughts are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT so think positively and believe HIGHLY in yourself and all your endeavors!

Waning Gibbous

After the revelations of the Full Moon, this is a time of tweaking things in your projects that aren’t serving the BIGGER IDEA or bigger picture!

This period is a moment of reflection. Realize what is and what isn’t bringing you fulfillment and do away with it as you see fit. Tap into your higher self and trust your instincts. Only you know and feel what’s best for you!

This is also a time of community and shared wisdom! Consult with friends or family and share knowledge or what you have learned through the period. This is a time of healing and reflection as well! Release and heal from any self limitations that were revealed to you during the Dull Moon as well.

Third Quarter Moon

As the Moon cycle draws to a close we are still in a period of reflection and release. During this 3rd quarter we will continue to release limitations from our lives.

This is a great period for us to practice gratitude. So, give thanks for your journey during this Moon cycle. Reflect on what you have brought to fruition, what you have released, and give thanks for where you are.

Your project is at completion or you’re meeting deadline. So, rejoice in this moment and realize the fruits of your hard work. This is a time of a slight inner celebration.

Dark Moon

This Moon cycle has ended and in a new one is beginning in a day or two! The Dark Moon is a period of healing, gratitude, and preparation for the next lunar cycle!

You should come out of this lunar cycle smarter, wiser, lighter, grateful, and extremely optimistic for what’s to come!

Look at what you have accomplished this past cycle and revel in your growth and development!

You literally can do absolutely everything you set your mind to! The proof is in your efforts!

The only thing that limits us ourselves!

The Universe shows us daily that with routine, cycles, and the adaptability to change, we can make differences in not only our lives but in the World!

Do you use the lunar cycles to manifest? If so let me know! Was this article helpful to you? Let me know that too!

You don’t have to be a witch or spiritual to use the Moon to access your power within, it’s already yours!

As the Full Moon Approaches us I wish you tidings of joy and love!

Tomorrow I’ll post a Full Moon ritual that’ll help you find inner peace, abundant prosperity, and love for the remaining cycle moving forward!

Remember to be easy with yourselves and release in love!


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  1. Tiffanny Isaac says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I look forward to the Full Moon ritual!

    1. Kilo Sade says:

      You’re so welcome! Thank you for reading I truly appreciate you!

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