Sturgeon (BLUE) Moon Ritual

A very blue emotional Moon indeed! But don’t fear, releasing always comes before renewal!

We are once again hit with an Aquarius Full Moon in the final hours of the Sun Sign of Leo.

This dynamic duo of opposition will help us SEE illumination on things that just aren’t working for our higher selves.

A lot of us are not only seeing but feeling the need to separate from old patterns, ways, things, and people that no longer align to our newfound core values from the last revealing Aquarius Full Moon, and Leo Sun of July.

This time is further clarification TELLING YOU to LET IT GO!

Full Moon Rituals:

This Full Moon isn’t about wondering or figuring out what needs to be released, you ALL already know what isn’t serving you purpose. You feel it in your core, solar plexus.

The thoughts of it make you sick.


Trust your instinct on it. If the thought of a behavior you possess, or pattern you tend to fall into, or PEOPLE you surround yourself with, or a hobby or career that you no longer enjoy makes you sick this is the GREATEST time to AFFIRM that you are no longer going to allow this hold over your life!

Let’s begin with clearing our space and a gratitude exercise.

What you will need:

Yoga Mat • White, silver, & pink candle (Can just use a self love candle or make one!) • journal • aromatherapy of Lavender & Jasmine (incense, burning oils, or air vapor) • full view of the Moon • sage to cleanse your space or smudge bundle of your liking • Rose Quartz, Amethyst, & Black Tourmaline

Now to get the full glory of the Aquarius Full Moon you will need to do this ritual on Saturday August 21st, as on the 22nd the Full Moon will only be in the sign of Aquarius until 7:43am Central Standard Time. It’ll then move into Pisces. By then you will begin to SEE your affirmations MOVING or getting final confirmations.

In a spot where you can be in full view of the full Moon. Indoors or outdoors is ok. Lay your mat down, place in a safe spot your candles and crystals where they too are in view of the Moon.

Light each candle. Light smudge stick with the flame of your white candle.

Cleanse your area. If indoors make sure to cleanse your entire space and leave a window open to release all negative energy.

Once cleansed take a seat on your mat. Relax and gentle your mind, heart, and still your body. Relax. Deep breathing exercises will help to calm your nerves and center you.

Then once say these words of gratification:

“ I am grateful for life, clarity, inner understanding within this Moon cycle and all the signs and synchronicities shown to me within this period. I’m grateful to my spirit guides of benevolence and angels as they watch over and continue to guide me. I send gratitude to the Creator and the Universe for continuing to illuminate my path. As I release things that no longer serve me purpose I know that I will not lack or feel empty yet I will feel welcoming for all the blessings that are sure to come.”

Now say these 3 Affirmations 3 times out loud and 3 times within:

1.Subconcious & Superconscious, I release all binds coming from me as well as those connected to me.

2. Subconscious & Superconscious, I release all self limiting doubts and beliefs and limitations that no longer serve me purpose. I am MORE than capable and able to create the life I want to live.

3. Subconscious & Superconscious, I will from this day forward align myself to everything that speaks within my current level of elevation. Nothing or no one will hinder me not even myself.

After you have said each affirmation out loud and within. Sit with yourself. Grasp and look into all thoughts, feelings, and how your body reacts to each thought filtering in your mind.

When you’re ready, grab your journal and write it ALL down. Write down each thought and how it made you feel, how did your body react to the thought? Did your stomach turn or get uneasy, did you feel flushed, did you feel joy. Think about the sounds around you and movement. Did something unexpected happen. Did the wind stop or did it pick up speed at the moment you thought this?

Did the hairs of your skin stiffen? Did you get nervous or anxious?

This exercise will help you get better in tuned with yourself and your bodies reactions. In months to come, I will begin to share ways on how to further connect to yourself and the Universe.

Pay attention to these feelings and signs. The Universe shows us in so many ways through everything from birds to insects messages that we walk pass every day.

After you journal out these things it’s time to release it to the Universe. Tear out the page. Fold the page 4 times, each time, face the words/folds away from you.

Set the paper on fire with the white candle. Allow it to burn completely.

Give silent gratitude for this release.

Full Moon Self Love/Clearing Bath:

Utensils: white, pink, & silver candle • roses + chamomile leaves + lavender + Epsom salt • Rose Quartz + Citrine + Amethyst + Black Tourmaline.

Lite candles in safe place and turn lights off. Place the crystals in the 4 corners of your tub. Fill tub and put the flower petals and Epsom salt In the tub. Ssubmerge yourself and relax.

Clear your mind and just imagine the water absorbing all negative vibrations coming from you. Release it all. This may feel heavy. Let it all out. Cry it out. Scream it out. This is a normal reaction of gratitude and release.

After you’re completed and ready to leave the water leave renewed and ready. You are ready for the World now!

The waning period following the Full Moon will feel like a testing ground as things will try to alter your perception or more revelations will be revealed. I can’t emphasis this enough, BE EASY WITH YOURSELVES!!!!!

Change won’t always happen over night but you’ll feel the pull of the change. However, shadow work takes time. See it, feel it, understand it, and release it. However, yes we have setbacks, the goal is to not allow these setbacks to depress you or take you off course.

If you setback even just realizing it is a change. Realize it and grow THROUGH IT!

My Great Grand always told me, “You’ll know when you’re really tired of something.” And you most definitely will. Somethings or people aren’t easy to leave or release just like that. Or maybe they aren’t maybe they are to grow with you and if not without you. All you are responsible for is YOU! Do whatever makes you feel GOOD!

I hope this ritual gives you peace of mind. Please share this with your friends!

Sending you all an abundance of love and light.

Happy Full Moon!!!!!

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