What affects me the most with my Mama being gone is Malachi and Micah not being able to share their first with her.

They loved their Grandma. It broke their hearts when I told them she was gone in Great Grands parking lot.

I play that day in my mind often. A lot of it is fuzzy. But the pain in Malachi’s eyes hits hard.

My sons are my World.

I keep it real with them and talk to them about everything.

They are going to be great Men. They will make themselves proud.

Malachi worked his first night shift tonight. Lol he didn’t want to do it but he did it. I’m extremely proud of him.

He teaches me more than he knows. Patience, resilience, how to raise a young man.

He isn’t afraid to correct me when I’m wrong or speak up for himself. Or challenge me in a way that isn’t disrespectful. I admire him.

He reminds me of me when I was his age. Minus the attitude.

Ok. I had one too.

I tell them I love them every day multiple times throughout the day.

Mama I know you are extremely proud of them. Please keep them in your sight during the times I can’t see.

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