Hey September! Be Good to Us.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the World.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

This Month I challenge everyone to start listening with their whole self.

A lot of solutions to our problems be in what we feel yet ignore.

I don’t need cards to tell me what my gut already confirmed, you know?

Some solutions are hard because it affects those that we love.

Ask yourself these questions and sit on your answers until you are answering them with your entire being:

Who are you living for?

What are you living for?

Why do you do the things that you do?

Ask yourself these questions in the most authentic way that you can.

Did you answer from a standpoint of “this is my life I do what’s best for me.” OR “I have to do what’s best for everyone.”

One of these philosophies that you have adapted is crippling you from being the highest version of yourself.

What’s does it mean to be selfish?

Another question you must ask yourself and reflect on in September.

I can’t answer these for you but what I will say is you can’t be anything for anyone unless you are being THAT for you.

We are literally BETTER for everyone that we love when we are BETTER to ourselves.

When we are completely sound and at peace with our own lives, doing what we love to do, being with who we love, living a life of our own purpose and needs, no longer at war with ourselves and our decisions, surrounding ourselves with relationships and friendships that align to our core values is when we will finally be at a place of serene peace and abundance.

We are at our best when we love everything about our lives. EVERYTHING. No regrets in any avenue.

Do you love everything about your life right now in this moment? Does that question rattle you? Analyze it. Deeply. Sit with yourself and reflect on the thoughts about your life that make you pause. That’s what needs to be changed.

Compile a list of action items and take it one day at a time. Making one adjustment at a time.

Dig deep.

Last Month I eliminated so many internal behaviors that I have adapted over so many years of my life to survive that no longer served me any purpose to utilize.

I outgrew connections.

I eliminated things that distracted me and I’m still working on more.

I’m learning that my goals, thoughts, and dreams, are my own. No one else’s but mine.

I no longer feel selfish feeling that this is my life and I live it how I want. I don’t feel bad saying that loudly.

Neither should you.

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