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Routines matter. Rituals are routine.

I have a morning ritual and one at night.

This helps my day go by smoothly.

It keeps me focused and capable to fluctuate through the ins and outs of my day.

Lately through shifts I’m able to maintain a level head and not get overly emotional with my responses like I used to do.

That didn’t happen over night because honey I could be a firecracker when angered or provoked.

These last two Full Moons truly illuminated parts of me that were no longer serving me purpose.

I had to let go of this victim to become a victor of my circumstances.

I’m we’re I am now and grateful to be here. To finally see me through all the bullshit I allowed myself to go through it put others through.

Closed chapters open up endless possibilities for us. Especially the internal shit we try to hide and cover up.

Don’t hide shit acknowledge it and heal through it.

That’s the only way you’ll ever rise above it.

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