Birth Control?

Birth Control is so unhealthy. So to try to make that the solution to deal with abortions is absurd.

Sex is literally everywhere yet you guys want to persecute women for fucking and getting pregnant.

Women aren’t impregnating themselves either.

The lack of sexual awareness is a MUTUAL ISSUE between MEN AND WOMEN. Honestly not a lack of awareness y’all know the consequences you don’t care you just want to bust a nut.

No one should be fucking if they aren’t ready to face those consequences of what comes from having sex.

Rather it’s STDS or Children.

I’m pro choice but I wish our choices were made from a place of logic and not lust.

Hey tho, it took me 33 years to even detach myself from being controlled by lust and sex to even get here to where I am now.

People lack so much empathy but want to seek to control some of the same shit they’ve once fallen victim to. Sounds like projecting to me.

The hypocrisy of y’all persecutions says way more about y’all than the ones you’re ridiculing.

Most of y’all only dealing with the women you impregnated “for the kids.”

And sleeping around “consciously.”

Ok bro! Ok I wanna be down Brandy. Let me know how this works out for y’all lonely asses.

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