My Mentor gave me a homework assignment last night on studying the book I’m currently reading, “God Man: The Word Made Flesh” by George W. Carey.

I had reached out to him the other day about a part of the book that stood out to me. It resonated deeply and I was so transfixed on it as FACT and I was eager to hear his take on it.

Per usual he told me to sit deeply with it and ask for the truth of what I was perceiving to be revealed to me.

So, last night while studying I sat deeply in my meditation and asked for the truth of it to be revealed to me.

I have come to this:

Unhealthy attachments to someone else’s perception of truth doesn’t make their truth true. It doesn’t help me to discover my own truth. Doesn’t help me trust my own feelings and intuition or figuring out my place or purpose in this World during these times.

The gland names were named by men.

The book was written by a man.

The pyramids were built before their time.

This book is 95% true to the perception of the one who wrote it but doesn’t mean it is my truth. Just the one who wrote it.

The gland names, the book, while good to know, is also nothing but another creation of someone else’s dream.

The names don’t matter but understanding the functions of the body does and that part is truth. That was the only thing worth knowing.

Through mastering myself and releasing unhealthy attachments to any and everything.

I even had a dream about it. Felt like I was at the chocolate factory of all places. Alone. With just a voice. Every time I said something it said “that doesn’t matter.”

“Nothing even matters at all…. But you.” But me, you. We only matter.

We have to become accustomed to living our truth and telling our own stories and not living up to the measures of perceptual truth written by those that have died before us.

What is your truth?

We can learn and research it all. Just understand that none of that matters.

The more I learn the more everything starts to cross and intertwine together and it really all says that at the end of it all you are going to have to make your own experience.

That’s what matters. That’s your truth.

Unhealthy Attachments close us off. I’ll always be a researcher. Hell I have to be I’m going to med school one day.

However, staying open minded will benefit my practice because I won’t be westernized with my way of healing and treating.

Sharp mind and open heart, solid ground.


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