The Duality of the Divine Feminine

Nah, feminine energy is the best of both Worlds. You are only minimizing your power only embracing one aspect of yourself. True power is in the duality of you!

The trauma bonding with spirituality absolutely needs to STOP!

I get it, but it’s not helping you truly tap into the infinite amount of power you have within yourself.


Granted, when I initially began even I was on the wrong end of the spectrum of spirituality. Believing that through only positivity could I harness my magic.

I was one of the ones on the “positive vibes only” kick believing that through positivity I could manifest everything I desired.

That shits a facade.

The only way you truly begin to connect with the infinite amount of source power within you is to DIVE INTO YOUR DARKNESS and embrace it with your LIGHT.

It’s all about duality. Finding a balance within oneself. It’s through this balance that we are capable of rising above the things we trauma bonded to better control our emotional responses, to gain control over our ego and pride, and move in a way thats of true power utilizing our light within our darkness.

Because we ALL have both in us. You can’t have light without darkness so to only walk as if you have the one is impossible without embracing the other.

How you lead into a situation determines rather you are there are not.

And how you lead in a situation is going to be determined on if you are still triggered by it.

If you are quick to anger you still have work to do. If you are above approach from someone who doesn’t agree with you and you feel threatened, attacked, or challenged and jump to defense by someone who is telling you that you are wrong in a situation then you have more work to do.

We are grown and guess what, we aren’t perfect. We are going to rub folks wrong and we are going to be wrong as fuck at times. Yet, you shouldn’t be attacking folks who are brave enough to question you and come to you directly about something. True balance would be to hear them out. Let them know that you hear them and if you need time to respond to them take that time and sort out what they have said that’s causing you ill feelings.

It’s on you to sort through it and take from what they said shit that may apply. Sort out how what they said makes you feel. Don’t absorb what they said into the makings of you because that’s only their perception, but if it is IS something about what they said that makes you sad or angry analyze what and where that trigger is coming from.

We have to begin reacting out of love not survival.

Trauma bonding to spirituality is DANGEROUS and DAMAGING especially if we react out of a negative mindset. Mindset is literally everything.

And I don’t care how powerful you may feel if you aren’t in control of your emotions rather your a force of light or darkness in here to tell you that you’re not the power it’s your ego. Or over taken by a succubus because they LOVE to feed you power off your pain. They love your dark energy so much so they’ll make you feel invincible all the while they drain you and bless you.

To be of nature to be connected with Source is to truly see and connect to what Mufusa called, “The Circle of Life.”

We bring no harm to no one. We release what isn’t for us. We set healthy boundaries. But we don’t destroy we walk away and block what means to cause us harm.

Understand Universal Law. Your Ancestors are here to protect you, not to cause other people harm. Remember EVERYONE has Ancestors not just your overzealous ass. Nobody’s ancestors are out here trying to kill and destroy another being baby. That’s your damn ego talking.

Set boundaries. You can bind and cut away things meant to cause you harm. That’s fine. But anytime you do anything to attempt to bring harm yo someone you better prepare for that to come back to you tenfold. Be mindful of what you think. Karma is a duality to and The Universe is always going to adhere to the REAL YOU.

In all so many new practitioners are on this quick come up mentality. Doing no work yet having all the answers. Being oblivious to how they are ruining lives and connections they have connected with by not healing themselves.

I’m seeing a lot of dark energy and overzealous spirit work being done and it’s unhealthy not only for those they are befriending but also themselves.

Power in the craft can’t be bought or taught you already possess it within you. We ALL do.

To grasp it and understand it to its full extent is to embrace ALL OF YOU and find balance within.

Only then will you truly be at peace and with that peace and balance you will truly begin to create the life you are destined to live.

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