Proud Herbalist

Shop the Organic Hair & Skin care line by me!

Organic Hair & Skin products handcrafted by mwauh.

I take full pride in being an Herbalist. Outside of being a Wife and Mother this is my greatest achievement.

I am currently attending @maryblueherbalist Herbalism program which I highly recommend all take. Mary is extremely wise, resourceful, genuine, and attentive, and serious about Community Herbal Healing. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor or course to mold me into a GREATER Herbalist.

Glow Trio for youthful and radiant skin that gives a dewy and natural glow.

I’m beyond grateful to get back to nature. To get back to the things my Mother Dear and Great Grand instilled in me.

Teaching my Sons and my Husband how to heal themselves brings me so much joy.

I believe it is our duty in life to truly know ourselves and how our body truly functions. To depend on a trained professional to know you while you know nothing is an ignorance that none of us can afford.

My Clients growth using the Hey Kilo Cares Rice Treatment.

Know yourself! Learn Herbs. If not to make products just for yourself and your family.

Truly be the example that you want to see in this World.

So Grateful to be connected with Source & Mother. 💖

I have never felt more fulfilled in my entire life than I do now. And I’m just getting started.

Shop my line of organic hair and skin products made with all natural ingredients purchased right here in Kansas City, MO by local farmers and dealers like Harvest Moon Botànica and Women’s Collective

I take pride that most of my ingredients are locally and ethically sourced.

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