Food is Medicine

Let’s speak on just how healing FOOD is as well.

Foods possess energetic healing properties just like herbs do.

What are energetics?

Energetics are the effects that plants have on the human body once taken.

A good example of this is when you bite into something spicy like a pickle and your nose runs.

That is a heating energetic response which then stimulates and breaks apart any mucous or phlegm that is just sitting and stored.

(Remember that!)

I was talking to my Husband last night while studying and reading and going over foods that he has that could potentially be medicine available to him if needed.

When we think of energetics think of the senses and how the energetics of hot, cool, damp, and dry affect them.

Galens System of Humors utilizes this system to treat ailments and illnesses to reestablish balance within a persons being.

Heating plants will stimulate, while cooling plants will slow down processes. (Think of water freezing) this will help with inflammation especially within the digestive system as well as fevers. Even Nervous System disorders causing you to relax and soothe. (chamomile and other nervines)

Wet (damp) herbs will help soothe your throat due to the polysaccharides that create a mucilaginous coating that will help soothe and cleanse your respiratory tract, soothe sore throats, and heal any inflammation. Great for GERD as well. (Marshmallow & Slippery Elm)

Dry Herbs serve as diuretics and help with releasing fluids in our bodies depending on the plants constituents.

Everything is cellular and more connected than we can imagine.

All it takes is Re-educating yourselves. Learning something new.

My Mother Dear always told me where there is a will there will always be a way.

I’m grateful knowing that especially with the prison conditions my Husband is surrounded in he has a fighting chance of healing himself if need be.

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