Morning Gratitude

Just look at Zeus y’all! Lol

How do you start your mornings?

I wake up my family in love, I smudge, I water the garden, I stand barefoot on the ground, I do yoga, I feed Danny and Zeus, I give gratitude, I blog, I create, then I work.

Our morning routine sets the tone.

Today, it’s literally all the chill ass poses if Zeus in the background for me.

Funny thing. Zeus has literally trained me to give him snacks every time I’m feeding Danny and turning her lights on.

Unconsciously I put his dog treats over there one day after I returned from the Pet Store.

So now every time I’m over there he expects me to give him a dog treat.

I like it as a good morning ritual for him, Danny, and I.

He thinks he’s winning of course, fatty.

Either or I’m grateful about it all.

Today’s vibration is HIGH GRATITUDE!

I accomplished so much yesterday from our new labels, new website layout and design (CHECK IT OUT!), and just BLOGGING/VLOGGING DAILY!!!!

I’m absolutely proud of ME!

My Hubby and the kids are with me every step of the way. I couldn’t be more grateful.

This last Moon period put so much into perspective. Took awhile to click but when it did it was eye opening.

Things are only as hard for us as we make them out to be.

Granted, there are plenty things that occur that maybe out of our control.

However nothing is by chance.

We have choices to make. Signs to realize. Habits to break. And most importantly, intuition to trust.

Trust how you feel in everything and follow your instinct.

It will never steer you wrong.

The Universe is ALWAYS leaving us subtle reminders and warnings and it’s on us to see it.

Sending you all an abundance of love and light.

Today’s Affirmation: I am grateful for everything and I welcome more abundance in every aspect of my Life. Asé

Also! Here’s my favorite 15 minute yoga video! Yoga with Adriene is literally THEEE BEST YOUTUBE YOGA INSTRUCTOR AROUND!!!!

Check it out and all her other amazing videos!

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