No Time For Giving Up

If Grateful was a person!

This is one of those glass half full realizations.

I wanted so bad to resign from my job this Summer and work at my favorite salon.

I had every intention on making that a reality yet when the time came life did what it always doesn’t

Threw unexpected curveballs and that plan slowly faded away.

Not to mention in the midst of it all, I got hit with so many orders that both my job and business began to weigh heavy on my mental.

I had no time to recharge.

Add in the kids football schedules, Malachi’s job schedule, Mally’s teen growing woes/pains, it was a lot and I needed to be here.

I absolutely needed to be here with my Sons.

I made the decision to just do hair at home. That even came with challenges. I made it through.

Then came August and I realized that this was not enough for me. Yes, I love doing hair but I love Hey Kilo Cares and Herbalism more.

I love learning and I love to educate and God knows that I LOVE to WRITE!

I told my Husband that I just wasn’t satisfied doing what I’m doing part time. I want to blog every day. I want to teach and educate folks every day. I want to be the reflection that I want to see reflected back to me EVERY DAY!

He told me then do it Mamma!

I’m doing it.

I made a goal to just blog. Just hit record. Just write. Just be free. And most importantly be happy about what you are doing.

I’m so happy y’all I can’t even begin to describe the joy I feel to be writing again.

And organized and focused. That’s so new to me! Lol but it’s happening.

I’m grateful that I didn’t take that leap. I’m still leaping but taking my time because my plans far exceed anything I previously envisioned.

Sometimes God sits us still so that we can see the bigger picture. These ain’t half empty glass dreams baby. We are almost full!

Lace up and get ready! Your breakthrough is loading up.

Don’t ever give up on you!

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