Bee Pollen

One of my favorite pickups this weekend!

Having issues with allergies?

A tablespoon of either local honey or local bee pollen is all you need!

I haven’t touched my inhaler in over a year! That is the longest I’ve gone without having asthma flare ups.

Being on an herbal regime as well as a supportive diet of INTENTIONAL MINDFUL EATING I have eliminated mucous buildup in my body.

I’m not vegan. I’m not a vegetarian. However, I am extremely mindful of the foods that I eat. I don’t eat meat all the time but I know when I need to.

Knowing our body and how our body reacts to certain foods and medicines is extremely vital to maintaining a well balanced and healthy life.

Have you ever studied you?

Get to it!

I keep a journal studying how foods and herbs affect me and my mood.

You’d be surprised!

Published by Kilo Sade

These things can be so trivial so I’ll give a quick synopsis: I am Love. I am Light. Sometimes I’m wrong. Sometimes I’m right. Sometimes I’m low. Sometimes I get high. But at the end of the day I just live true to self throughout this life. That was hella cheesy but that’s me. Asé I’m also a 34 year old Working Mother of 4 boys (pray for me), lover to D2 (swoon), Sistar, Loc’d Goddess, Crystal Healing, Card Reading, Herb brewing, poem writing, hair styling, earth loving, pet whispering REBEL. Follow me on Instagram: @heykilocares

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