The Kansas City Market

Always an amazing time!

What an amazing weekend!

Had a ball this past Saturday at the Kansas City Market!

I love it down there.

I’ve been going to the Market since I was a baby girl and it was always the best times of my life!

From as early as I can remember, Mother Dear and her bestfriend Mrs. Cotton would load us up at the crack of Dawn just to get us down there for seeds, animals (I’d leave with something new every weekend), and straight merchant deals!

It was one of the highlights of my youth!

Having children, I wanted to maintain the tradition and take them as often as they’d allowed.

Absolutely love these children’s books on some of our favorite celebs!

When they were tiny tots they wanted to go every weekend. Now they are almost grown men and it’s a battle lol.

Planters Seeds has some of the greatest spices around. And is one of my favorite spots for garden utensils.

Taste of Brazil and Blue Nile are literally my favorite food spots down there EASILY!

Amazing Coffee House with a DOPE setting and vibe!

Molly is hands down the best bartender in the Midwest!

The Culture is simply one of a kind and it’s always a great time!

Amazing gift ideas for those that you love! Especially the ones always on one lol

If you haven’t checked out the City Market do so before the weather shifts!

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