Deep Dive…. Part ?

We are everything we yearn to be.

My Sister said something to me today that struck out to me.

She said that a good friend of hers was her peace.

I told my Sister that, “You’re your own peace. She’s just there to serve as a reminder that the same thing she possesses is somewhere in you. You just have to fight for it and fight to maintain it.”

It’s so true.

Everything we want is already within us.

Everything that we adore in others is qualities that we ourselves already possess.

We just have to fight through our own inner bullshit and heal so that we can connect to those amazing qualities that we yearn for in others.


This past Moon cycle has been eye opening on how much I struggle with effective communication.

Yes me.

I’m absolutely great with words, but at times can seem cold and cut off from emotions.

And que in my Husband, “Anything after but is bullshit.” Lol

Yes it is. Everything can be remedied with time, patience, understanding, and most importantly, acknowledgement.

I’m grateful that I am at a space in my life that I’m capable of seeing my flaws and where I can be stronger.

It’s even more rewarding when I have a partner that’s capable of being there unbudgingly during the times when I am not recognizable.

Healing comes with the realization that we will have many triggers to traumas we didn’t even know we had til the layer is ripped off of us like a bandage over a festering wound.

It gets real and it gets ugly.

What I’ve found, is that with each layer I heal that I’m capable of self checking myself faster.

I’m responding more logically than emotionally.

I’m strong enough to make my voice be heard without silencing someone else’s.

I’m not perfect but I really am worth it all.

That was the biggest realization. That I am worthy of the life that I am creating. And the only person stopping me is myself.

Now every time I get afraid to do something I ask myself, “What do you have to fear?” And I say nothing at all. At least I know who and who’s I am.

And I’m reminded hearing my Husbands voice telling me how proud he is of me being so fearless and true to my path.

And I just do it.

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  1. Darron Neighbors says:

    I Love You & I’m Super Proud Of You & Your Growth, Your Strength, Your Love, Your All & Your Everything

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