Spiritual Gardening

I didn’t realize that through gardening it only would I be nourished through my belly but also within my soul.

The older I get the more I see why Mother Dear got up at the crack of Dawn, prayed, cleaned, cooked a light breakfast, made tea/coffee, and as soon as the Sun rose she was out in her garden. For hours. I’d be right out there with her if I wasn’t off to school.

She didn’t have many friends but people loved her so she was never a stranger to anyone.

She stayed out the way and only gave advice when called upon.

She absolutely had her vices, but she was a God fearing Woman who worked hella hard for her home and had a Garden that these community gardens would envy.

I’m grateful for examples of solitude and of being brought up knowing that keeping your own company is just as good as being around large crowds.

I love hanging every now and then but I truly enjoy being alone.

Gardening is so peaceful. I’m not even the best gardener yet, but the bit I grew this season fed my soul me more than it fed me.

Starting out you’re going to hit bottom lol. So, prepare for it. My first time gardening last year was awful. This year wasn’t so much better.

Now I’ve learned that you can’t shortcut your way through this. You have to not only get dirty but really understand what you’re doing. The Farmers Almanac website is a great go to. It’s extremely important learning the dates to plant prior to the last frost of Spring and the first frost of Fall.

Certain seeds need to be started in your home versus some that do well being planted outdoors was another major thing that I learned.

The time of day matters that you plant as well as harvest! It’ll determine the taste of your veggies/fruits.

Gardening has taught me so much patience with myself and understanding. Understanding that what you put into this is what you will sow. Like life: you get back what you put out.

Put time, love, dedication, and hard work, you’ll see that return to you.

I’m late starting my fall batch but I’m going to plant a bit anyway. As well as study for next season and prepare my soil for Winter.

I’m absolutely grateful for this newfound love and appreciation for Mother and all that she provides.

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