Sighs… This is Really Life?

Cognitive Dissonance is at an all time high. Y’all don’t know if you’re up or down.

No one is saying they are immune to the virus.

I know and hang around folks who have not been vaccinated that have had the virus and were sick as hell.

No one with sense is saying the virus is fake. It’s absolutely real.

However, those who did get sick guess what?! They weren’t afraid. They relied on their knowledge of herbs, they relied on the years of taking care of themselves naturally. They relied on their bodies natural ability to help repair itself. They supported their bodies immune system to help sustain their well-being.

They weren’t afraid.

They weren’t stressed.

They didn’t panic.

Now, I’m not saying all that to say they are better than any of you that choose to get vaccinated.

Do what you want.

That’s the point.

People should be able to DO WHAT THEY WANT.

Let’s say everyone around the World decides to get vaccinated.

That’s not going to stop variants of this virus.

They are going to, every year, create a new booster that you’ll have to get like the Flu shot, EVERY YEAR.

To boost your immunity when you can naturally fo that yourself. Especially if you were to cut out a lot of the toxic shit you eat and drink. And your toxic ha it’s you refuse to separate yourselves from.

Lifestyle changes are necessary.

This is what the government and the media won’t tell you.

This is what Doctors and Nurses are walking away from. Risking their lives and jobs to tell folks. People are getting their licenses revoked for telling the truth and not going with this narrative of the vaccine is the only solution.

It’s not.

At the end of the day it should be about choices.

No one is saying you won’t get sick. Or that natural remedies are a cure no it’s not either.

But I’d rather trust Nature and My Body than anything else in this World.

I don’t even claim anxiety or asthma anymore.

Haven’t had a flare up in I don’t know how long since I’ve been taking my daily infusions.

I feel better and more clearer than I ever have in my life.

I silenced the noise.

Still separating myself from people and things that no longer align to where I am.

Grateful for clarity.

My Mentor tells me often that truth is not made for our naked eyes to see. We have to ask the Universe to reveal it to us.

You want to see the truth in anything apply a boundary. Challenge it. You will always see the truth .

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