And then I Realized

If you are called to do Herbalism the only advice I can say is to silence the noise around you, AND DO THAT SHIT!


You can’t half ass it.

If you want to be confident about it you literally have to do the work. Not only just study but experiment, do field studies, get out in nature, align within, and so much more.

It’s literally not just a title it’s a life altering change.

It is our lifestyles now.

I walked into this one way and who I am now is completely changed from day 1. And I’m still growing and evolving.

Once you start to realize how much you’ve been conditioned and how much you contribute to the continued conditioning of others your entire World and views change.

For a month or so I was thinking everyone around me had changed. No! They are STILL the same folks I love.

It’s me that is changing! I changed. I’m still changing.

You can’t avoid it.

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