Happy Harvest Moon Y’all!

Today we give gratitude within the ending of the Summer Season!

What a Summer of transformation it was!!!!

And it ended with some necessary bangs to further assure us that in this World and on our journeys it’s vital that we trust our instinct and the voice within.

Some revelations were eye opening and hurt deep, however, they taught us how to be resilient in the face of adversity and to hold true to our own values and beliefs.

As Summer comes to a closing our reading is telling us that we are filled with ideas and love and it’s time to create necessary routines and plans so that when we move in our next phase we are completely prepared to go the extra mile!

Be ready so that you’ll never have to get ready ya know?!

It also serves as a reminder to hold near and dear our “whys”! Don’t forget why you’re going so hard rather it be to build generational wealth in your family, or just because you’re tired of your current circumstances. Remember to keep what you hold dear in your vision so that you don’t lose your way within it all.

Make sure that you’re not too busy to spend time with those that you love! Honor familial traditions or create your own! This is a time for not only growth and development in business but also within our homes!

Reconnect with your kids! Include them in on your projects! With that kind of love all kinds of magic is possible.

Malachi helped me last night with my products photos for the perfumes. While the other boys coached and placed them in angles.

It felt good to see them proud of me and assisting in any way that they can. Let’s me know that I am truly setting an example for them. And a positive one.

Lastly the Knight of Pentacles emphasizes the importance of a plentiful harvest that comes with patience, hard work, routine, and determination. Anything that’ll be successful and have longevity must come with a plan!

A thorough plan! From start to finish! My Husband emphasizes this to me daily. Lol

You can’t have success without thorough strategic planning.

Nevertheless the Full Moon in Pisces is encouraging us to let our guards and walls down for those that love us the most. It’s through our vulnerability that we are truly capable of high creative imagination. We will reach new levels of thoughts when it comes to designing by opening ourselves up abs surrendering to the flow of the Universe!

If we have learned one thing this Summer Season is that everything is eventual! I say this often!

You can’t avoid what the Universe is revealing. All you can do is surrender and go with the flow!

So, the ritual tonight is one of serene surrender and release!

Full Moon in Pisces Ritual:

Items you will need:

Selene & Rose Quartz

White, Silver, and Indigo Blue Candle.

Herbal Blend of Sage, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and essential oils of frankincense, rose, lavender, & vanilla.

Paper & Pen


After cleansing combine Herbal blend in glass flame retardant bowl or cauldron. Light it up! Lol

Sat Selene and rose Quartz on opposite sides of bowl.

Sat candles on the outer sides of the crystals. Everything should line up.

Light candles.

Once area is prepared find oneness or balance through meditation and breathing. Once relaxed say these words:

“I release all cords attached to me or coming from me. I release all holds connected to me or coming from me. I release all self limitation coming from within me. I release all things that are no longer in alignment with my Highest Self.”

Repeat this 3 times.

Write everything down that popped into your mind as you chanted your release. Once complete, fold the paper away from you as to draw the thoughts of the paper out of your divine essence. Release it through your body and fingers tips and out it into that fold. Folding each time away from you. Not too tight a fold!!!! Just enough to where it’s a square.

Once folded, sat paper afire with your blue candle. And hold it over the bowl until you have to drop it into the bowl.

Ensure the paper has burnt and the ashes remain in the bowl.

Once complete say with conviction, “I trust thyself and the Universe to guide my footsteps in the direction that aligns to my Higher Self. I trust in thyself and The Universe to align me to those that are in alignment with my Higher Self. I trust in thyself and The Universe to open doors that are for me and in alignment to my Higher Self.” Repeat this 3xs end with Asé.

Burry contents of the bowl in your backyard tomorrow in the morning. Far away from your house.

Journal in the next few days how you’re feeling and as you notice changes. The goal is to make sure that no matter what happens in regards to what you asked for that you are prepared to step within that direction. Don’t ask for what you can’t handle. Be ready, acceptive, grateful, and PREPARED!!!!

Happy Full Moon!

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